Health and Wellbeing Company Event

DW Fitness First will come to your facility and give a talk to staff members about fitness and its benefits to health and well-being. This talk will be a presentation given by their Fitness Team about the effects fitness will … Continued

New software to help train employees on Winsford 1-5

A new piece of software is going to be rolled out this September on Winsford 1-5 which will help businesses and their employees learn new skills and develop their current ones. MicroLearn provides cutting edge e-learning resources for companies across … Continued

Successful Bike to Work Day at Winsford 1-5

We enjoyed a successful Bike to Work Day at Winsford 1-5 on Thursday 13th June. Joanna from Tripak was presented with the £350 Jack Gee cycle voucher. Well done to all who supported the event keeping fit and active.